Solar Sale!

4kW Solar for £5,450* zero rate VAT

Our 4kW offer includes:

  • 10 x 400 watt Tier One Solar Panels

  • 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee

  • 1 x Solis 4000 Inverter with 5 year inverter

  • 10 Year Workmanship Warranty

  • All Mounting and Ancillary Components

  • All Certifications (MCS, Electrical, DNO, Roof Structural)

  • Full Installation and Commissioning

  • 25 Year Performance Warranty on the Solar Panels

  • No Pressure Salesmen

  • Includes Scaffolding for one and two story properties*

4kW Returns*

Total Savings on Electricity and Payments from the Smart Export Guarantee Scheme p/a

Total Benefit in Year One   

Home all day                                               £355

Home half day                                            £326          

Total Benefit over 20 years          

Home all day                                              £13,073**

Home half day                                           £11,996**

Payback Year                                       

Home all day                                              7

Home half day                                           7



Annual Return Rate                         

Home all day                                           12.2%

Home half day                                           11.44%


*Returns based on south facing roof with a 39 degree pitch and no shading.

Smart Export Guarantee Payment of 5.4p p/kW

Electricity Savings of 18p p/kW

**20 year total benefit is based on 3.2% inflation and 6% energy inflation.

What are the typical savings?

A typical 4 kilo watt solar PV system will provide you with 3,852 kilo watts hours (units) of electricity.

When you generate your own electricity you do not buy from the grid, and at current prices, and the inevitable continuing increase of electricity prices, it can save you thousands.

Earnings & Savings


Solar PV systems produce electricity during daylight hours even if the sky is overcast. As long as there is light you will generate your own electricity.

Solar PV can provide all your daytime electricity.

*We use Easy Dec or Tower scaffolding which is suitable in 95% of installations; should your installation require dedicated scaffold from a scaffolding contractor you should factor an additional £300 – £400

Note: there is no battery included within this system.