Solar for Agriculture

Fed up with rising energy prices?

While energy companies make record profits, rising costs continue to eat into the profits of East Anglia’s farmers.

With Solar PV, you will generate your own electricity every time the sun comes up and see an immediate reduction in your energy bills.

Act now and take back control of your energy costs.

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Powering the Future of Agriculture

We are the trusted solar panel installer for East Anglia’s Agriculture sector. We provide no-obligation advice, meticulous system planning, and award-winning installations.

Join farmers across the region who have slashed their costs and carbon emissions with Impact Services.

  • Family business with 15 years of expertise
  • Employees, not subcontractors
  • Pay on completion with no deposit required
  • 15-year product and workmanship guarantee
  • Outstanding workmanship backed by 450+ 5-star reviews

How solar panels can benefit your farm:

  • Reduced energy costs

    Solar energy can generate electricity for your business, reducing or eliminating the need to purchase power from the grid.

  • Generate additional revenue

    You may be eligible to sell excess electricity back to the grid, offering an additional revenue stream to your company.

  • Store excess electricity

    Electricity from your solar panels can be stored in batteries to power machinery and lighting at night.

  • Write off up to 100% of the cost

    We’ll support you with writing off up to 100% of the cost of your solar panel installation using government grants and tax breaks.


Each year, more funding options become available as the need for renewable technology in the Agriculture sector grows.

In 2024, the primary methods farmers use to fund solar panel installations are:

  • DEFRA Grants
  • Loans
  • Annual Investment Allowance
  • Cash

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The Process From Start to Finish

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  5. Our team will install your solar panels with minimal disruption.
  6. Pay on completion, with no deposit required.
  7. Enjoy peace of mind with a 15-year workmanship warranty and performance guarantee.

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