Infrastructure Bribery Prevention Policy

Impact Services Ltd have a strict no-tolerance policy to bribery and we are fully committed to take any necessary steps to ensure that all our business is carried out fairly, honestly, ethically and with full integrity.

The consequences of breaching bribery laws are serious for Impact Services, our employees, and our stakeholders. The laws are outlined within the Bribery Act 2010, and those found guilty of any offences within this act carries a penalty of up to 10 years imprisonment or an unlimited fine (or both). Additionally, for those who are found guilty of failing to prevent bribery will be fined.
In addition to the legal repercussions, Impact Services would face exclusion from tender opportunities and a serious damage to our reputation.

Intentional or ignorant disregard of this policy will be treated extremely seriously and will result in strong disciplinary action.

Bribery Prevention Policy

1.0       Introduction

Impact Services implement appropriate and reasonable processes and procedures, in terms of our level of risk of bribery, to prevent bribery in order to maintain our honesty and integrity.

2.0       Policy

2.1       The Law

Impact Services is legally required to obey the laws and rules outlined within The Bribery Act and the processes and procedures put in place at Impact Services must be designed to facilitate and ensure compliance.

The situations that would comprise a breach of the act are outlined within The Bribery Act 2010 and are as follows:

  • offering, agreeing to give, or giving a bribe
  • asking for, agreeing to receive, or accepting a bribe
  • bribing of a foreign public official
  • failing to prevent bribery

2.2       Guidance and Training

Within all areas of the training and induction process at Impact Services there is education regarding the anti-bribery policy and reinforced as appropriate or made aware of any changes to the policy.

2.3       Maintaining

Senior employees within Impact Services, including the managing director, are responsible for overseeing the compliance of the policy and the subsequent processes that are in place.

2.4       Objectives

It is important to regularly measure the effectiveness of the policy and the procedures, and in order to maintain the high quality and continuously improve the police, Impact Services have a number of anti-bribery objectives in place:

  • Annual review of the policy and procedures, including the level of risk we face
    • Check everything is current and up to date
  • Review the anti-bribery training for new employees
  • Monitor levels of dismissals and prosecutions relation to bribery
    • No dismissals relating to bribery
    • No prosecutions relating to bribery

2.5       Keeping up to date

Impact Services will continuously review the policy to ensure that any key developments in this area of law have been amended within the policy as soon as possible.

2.6       Reporting bribery

Employees should raise issues with line managers as soon as possible if they are concerned about any bribery related matter.

Impact Services ensures that any employee that raises any concern will be safe from any whistle-blower related prosecution.