Solar Thermal

What are the Key Benefits of a Solar Thermal System

  • They are a ‘fit and forget’ technology which requires little or no maintenance.

  • Solar Thermal systems work throughout the year.

  • Low costs hot water all year round.

  • Lower Fuel Bills – Solar thermal panels should provide 90% of your hot water from April/May to September/October, and make a 30% contribution in the remainder of the year. Annually that works out to be 60% – 80% of your hot water.

Solar water heating, also known as solar thermal, captures light energy from the sun and use it to heat up your water.

A common misconception is that the UK does not have sufficient hot climate to generate the heat required to provide you with your hot water needs; this is simply not true; solar thermal panels will give you up to 20 degrees of hot water in winter with the remainder being topped up by your existing system.

Solar Thermal can be installed on most roofs, preferably a south, west or east facing roof; with no buildings or trees obstructing the direct line of light. The solar thermal system will work in conjunction with your existing gas or oil boiler.

They are a low cost, very efficient, and require minimal bi-annual maintenance. They have an expected lifetime of 20 – 25 years.