Solar PV Panels - Earnings & Savings

Solar PV Panels


Typically, our 4kw solar PV system costing £3,300 will generate 3,852 units of electricity per annum.

You will receive savings on your electricity bill and Smart Export Guarantee payments of approximately £355* per annum.

Over 20 years you can expect benefits of £13,073**

Smart Export Guarantee Payment of 5.4p p/kW.

Electricity Savings of 18p p/kW.

Being at home all day to use the free electricity.


A 4 kilo watt system can generate over 3,852 kilowatt hours of electricity a year – that’s around three quarters of a typical household’s electricity needs which means you should expect to save £s on electricity alone.

Additionally, you will save over a 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.




*Returns based on south facing roof with a 39 degree pitch and no shading.

**20 year total benefit is based on 3.2% inflation and 6% energy inflation.

3.2% inflation is based on as an average over the last ten years from the “Office of National Statistics Consumer Price Indices”. 6% fuel inflation is based on an increase of fuel prices over the last 5 years sourced from “DECC Domestic Energy Price Statistics”

Smart Export Guarantee

The Smart Export Guarantee was launched on 1st January 2020, to replace the Feed-in Tariff.

A 4kWp solar panel system could make around £355 per year!

Homeowners with solar panels can start making money again!

Smart Export Guarantee