Home Charging

Hassle-free electric car charger installations.

As the demand for electric cars surges, we understand the need for reliable and convenient charging solutions at home.

That’s why we specialise in the installation of high-quality electric car chargers, including popular brands like Pod Point and Zappi. Our mission is simple: to make electric vehicle ownership accessible and hassle-free for homeowners throughout East Anglia.


Why choose Impact Services?

  • Trusted family business based in Norfolk
  • Thousands of successful installations, with 350+ 5-star reviews
  • Unmatched customer services and aftercare


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Benefits of installing a home electric vehicle charger

  • Significantly reduce charging times
  • Avoid the premium fees of public charging
  • Unmatched convenience versus public charging
  • Reduce the risk of fire and damage caused by three-pin sockets
  • Integrate your EV charger with solar panels and battery storage
  • Effortlessly manage your electricity usage, preventing overloads

Why charge at home?

Installing a dedicated charger at you home means it can take as little as 4 hours to charger your electric vehicle.

That’s a massive 93% reduction in charging times vs a standard three-pin socket.

What’s more, with monitoring equipment and app connectivity, many of our chargers prevent overloading of your existing circuitry.

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Energy Tariff Savings

With the increased popularity of electric vehicles and the eagerness to increase renewable energy in the UK, many energy companies have begun to offer reduced tariffs tailored to reduce costs for EV drivers.

The introduction of off-peak and on-peak tariffs allows to tremendous savings for those that charge their electric vehicle overnight, or during those off-peak hours.

The average on-peak price for electricity, including the price offered from regular tariffs, is around 25-35p/kWh. The off-peak rates from many energy companies go down to as little as 10p/kWh.

This will result in an 73% saving compared to charging at the average public charging station!