Battery Storage Costs & Savings

Battery Storage Prices

We aim to be as transparent about pricing as possible. As such, the figures on this page serve as a general reference for a full installation (parts and labour). Your own quote may be lower or higher depending on factors such as system size and installation site.

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Manufacturer and System Size Price
Tesla Powerwall (incl. gateway)  – 13.5kWh £8,309
SolaX – 5.8kWh £4,575
SolaX – 11.6kWh £6,176
SolaX – 17.4kWh £7,777
Pylontech – 3.55kWh £3,048
Pylontech – 7.1kWh £3,932
Pylontech – 10.65kWh £4,816
Pylontech – 14.2kWh £5,700


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Will I Pay VAT?

Battery Storage installations are charged 0% VAT whether installed independently, or alongside a new or existing Solar PV system.

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Battery Storage Savings

In the case that your solar panels produce any excess electricity that you have not used within your home, then this will be exported to the grid in return for a payment. On average you will receive 5-15p per kilowatt, which is amazing!

The only issue is that in the evenings your solar panels will not be producing electricity and therefore you will need to buy energy back from the grid at a rather high rate – around 30p per kilowatt, which is only increasing.

Even with this considered, having solar alone is providing you with huge savings on your energy bills, but you could be saving even more through storing that extra energy and using that in the evenings instead of buying it from the grid!

And remember, you can still always sell as much energy back to the grid as you like, just keep what you need!

Smart Export Guarantee

The Smart Export Guarantee was launched on 1st January 2020, to replace the Feed-in Tariff.

A 4kW solar panel system could make around £855 per year!

Homeowners with solar panels can start making money again!

Costs & Savings