Benefits of Battery Storage

Key Benefits

  • Energy Independence: Increase your ability to use self-generated energy from Solar PV systems.
  • Dual Tariff Savings: Take advantage of cheaper grid electricity rates on a dual tariff system.
  • Maximising Solar Panel Output: Optimise the performance of your solar panels.
  • Reliable Backup Power: Provide a dependable power source during power cuts.
  • Expandable Battery Capacity: Easy expansion of the system by adding more batteries if necessary.

Battery Storage Benefits – WITH Solar PV!

Our cutting-edge Battery Storage systems maximise Solar PV efficiency, slashing costs and providing instant access to free electricity.

Instead of exporting surplus power to the grid, our Battery Storage systems offer a cost-effective alternative. Solar PV primarily generates electricity during daylight hours, with any excess power not used within your home or business typically going to the grid. However, with Battery Storage, you can reduce bills and gain grid independence by storing this surplus electricity.

Additionally, our Battery Storage solutions let you charge at a reduced night-time rate, perfect for Dual Tariff plans like Economy 7 or Octopus Go. This flexibility ensures fully charged batteries for daytime use, even in limited winter daylight. For instance, you can save significantly by charging at just 10p per kWh overnight and using stored electricity during the day, avoiding high daytime rates exceeding 40p per kWh.

Battery Storage Benefits – WITHOUT Solar PV!

If Solar PV is not an option, or if you are yet to have it installed, you can still benefit from our Battery Storage systems by charging your batteries with cost-effective night-time electricity.

With the availability of dual-rate tariffs, such as Economy 7 and Octopus Go, you have the opportunity to charge your battery from the grid during the night, taking advantage of the economical night rates.

By doing so between 00:00 and 04:00, you can ensure your battery is fully charged and ready for daytime usage when electricity from the grid is more expensive.

For instance, by charging your battery at night for just 10p per kWh and using this stored electricity during the day, you can enjoy substantial savings compared to the daytime rates, which can exceed 40p per kWh.