Types of System

There are lots of types of air conditioning units. The right one for you depends on your requirements and space.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Systems

Wall mounted air conditioners are the most popular type of system and come in a vast variety of styles to make every room the perfect comfort style.

The versatile and elegant designs of the air conditioning systems that we provide will transform your room into a much cooler space – and that’s not just in the temperature! The systems comprise an outside unit that is connected to the inside, wall mounted unit that filters the cool air into the room.

Our high-tech systems feature a technology that automatically controls the temperature in the room by monitoring different levels of heat throughout the room, and switching the system on and off as appropriate – maintaining a constant, cool temperature at all times.


Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning units are very popular due to the simplicity and stylishness of the system.

From the internal unit, the system then runs to the different rooms in the house (as many as you like) via ducts. Each separate room’s system is independent, meaning that each room can be individually and automatically temperature controlled.

The internal unit is discreetly installed in the ceiling of the property, and the only part of the system that is visible will be the grilles, on either the ceiling or the wall, where the cold air will filter into the room. You will be able to choose from a sophisticated and elegant array of grille designs to ensure that your system looks as classy and attractive as possible.

Under Ceiling Air Conditioning

When there is no suspended ceiling to install a cassette air conditioner, an under-ceiling air conditioner may be fitted provided there is sufficient ceiling height to hold the unit.

The unit works by lifting air vertically into the system and then redistributes the processed air horizontally across the ceiling, avoiding directly targeting occupants within the room.

The design of these types of units are reasonably aesthetic as the entire unit will be on display within the room, however, as they are rather larger, they do inevitably look like exaggerated items to hang from a ceiling.

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning Systems

This system tends to be extremely popular in offices or classrooms with suspended ceilings. This system’s fitting is designed to take up no more than one or two ceiling tile spaces. The only visible part of the system is the decorative lower facing grille, while most of the machine is above the ceiling and left unseen.

The aesthetically pleasing look of this unit is one of its main advantages. However, another key selling point is the design of the unit that allows its cooling (or heating) capacity to spread across 4 directions, creating a very wide are of reach. Amazingly, 3 or 4 wall mounted units would be needed to do the same level of cooling as a single cassette air conditioner.

Single Split & Multi Split Air Conditioning Systems

These systems are almost the same as the split systems, however, the slight difference is that the single external unit is connected to multiple indoor units throughout the home.

A larger, stronger condenser unit will be needed for this type of system; however, it does still only require the same type of single units as other systems, and even allows the potential for a variety of indoor systems to be used in different rooms, all from the same condenser unit.

Between 2 and 4 internal units can be linked to 1 external block within a multi split system. However, one of the main restrictions with this type of system is that if the outside unit breaks down, all the interior units are thus non-functional. Because of this, where external space allows, several outside units are recommended so that in case of breakdown there is a back-up. This increase in units will seldom decrease the cost-effectiveness of your units.

Low Wall Mounted Air Conditioning

Low Wall Mounted air conditioning systems have a very discreet and convenient design.

The sleek and effective styled unit is mounted onto the lower half of the wall and connected to the outside cooling unit. The low wall mounted systems are remarkably similar to the standard wall mounted units; however, this variety boasts a more simplistic design due to taking advantage of a wider, flatter surface area.

We can also provide a portable floor unit which only requires a plug socket and a window. With this system you may lose the elegance and discreetness you achieve with the mounted units, however, it will still provide the same level of cooling power.

Low Wall Mounted air conditioning systems are perfect for use in conservatories, or rooms with shorter walls.