Case Studies

Solar for Agriculture

Goodies Farm, Suffolk

System size: 150kW (50kW Roof, 100kW Ground Mounted)
Panels: 370
Payback: 4 Years
25-Year Electricity Saving: £1,800,000

Goodies Food Hall chose Impact Services to design and install their Solar PV system, aiming to cut their annual energy costs significantly. Their operations, spanning a bakery, restaurant, and food hall, consume a substantial amount of energy, making the shift to solar a strategic move towards efficiency.

With a commitment to achieving net-zero emissions, Goodies Food Hall’s investment in solar panels is a crucial step in their sustainability journey. Watch our case study video to see how their solar initiative is advancing them towards their goal, while demonstrating impactful environmental stewardship.

Grange Farm, Norfok

System size: 215kW
Panels: 452
Payback: 4 Years
25-Year Electricity Saving: £2,200,000

Grange Farm, facing the challenge of escalating energy costs, sought the expertise of Impact Services with a clear vision to address this issue directly. Following an in-depth consultation to understand their specific needs and the potential of their site, we devised a tailored solution that maximises their resources.

By leveraging the unused roof space of their expansive hay shed, we designed and installed an impressive Solar Photovoltaic (PV) array. This installation enables Grange Farm to generate an 215kW of clean, renewable energy. This significant step not only marks Grange Farm’s commitment to sustainability, but also positions them as a leader in adopting green energy solutions.

St Peter Mancroft Church, Norwich

System Size: 20kW

Battery Storage: 35kWh

Our installations extend beyond just agriculture. Impact Services is proud to have played a crucial role as the solar panel installer for St Peter Mancroft’s ambitious Net Zero Project.

This pioneering initiative, six years in the making, marks a significant milestone in the church’s journey towards sustainability. Recognised as a Pathfinder project by the Church of England, we are excited to contribute our skills and experience to a project that not only impacts St Peter Mancroft, but also serves as an inspiring blueprint for parishes nationwide.

The initial phase has already drawn attention, with the Vicar and Head Verger discussing the transformative potential of the project with regional and national news outlets.

The Light Aircraft Company

System size: 35kW

In partnership with ECA (Electrical Contractors’ Association), The Light Aircraft Company sought the expertise of Impact Services when they faced a pressing issue: their energy-intensive manufacturing equipment was continually driving up their operational costs. Explore with us how their strategic decision to invest in solar energy is not only curbing their expenses but also propelling them toward a greener and more efficient future.

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