Typical Costs

Domestic Rainwater Harvesting Systems, including full installation, typically cost from £1,000 for an above ground system to £3,000 for a large domestic sub-surface system, to £20,000 for a commercial sub-surface system.

Costs do vary and are dependent on the size of the system you choose to install and whether you choose to have your tanks sub-surface or above ground.

Commercial systems can cost a lot more depending on size and requirement, but have a much quicker ‘pay back’ period.

Commercial system prices can range from as little as £3,000 for an above ground garden system to £20,000.

Maintenance Costs

Rainwater Harvesting systems require little or no regular maintenance.

Annual filter changes are relatively easy and even a pump break down is not difficult to access and change over – even for sub-surface tanks.

In large sub-surface tanks we would recommend additional filters in the downpipes to prevent water stored becoming odorous and which will remove leaves, silt, and sludge accumulating at the bottom of the tanks which blocks tap outlets and hoses clogging up.