Servicing & Maintenance

Maintaining your Solar Thermal system is key to saving money and getting a long life out of your system.

Solar thermal heating systems are low maintenance systems and require an annual or bi-annual planned servicing.

If you want peace of mind knowing that your system is working perfectly and saving you as much money as possible then call Impact for an Annual Service.

In order to obtain the best performance from your solar thermal system you should have a bi-annual service. However in the first few years an annual maintenance check is not really required

A system service should always include the collector surface is clean, there is no corrosion, sensors and fixings are properly in place etc.

The most important thing to check is the transfer fluid; the system needs to be completely flushed out and the transfer fluid replaced every 5 years.

The most important check is one you can do yourself; leaks! If there are leaks of anti-freeze this will have a strong smell and will corrode even roof tiles.

Additionally you should check that you are getting hot water on the solar pipework on sunny days

Servicing Rates

First Hour:                                                 £65.00

Second and subsequent Hours:            £55.00

30 minute                                                  £27.50

Normal service excluding glycol change usually takes 1-2 hours

Normal service plus glycol change usually take 2-3 hours

Travel is charged at £27.50 if over if over 10 miles from NR7.

Inhibitor Glycol is charged at £40 per full exchange and is usually required every few years.

Here are a few tips

  • Keep an eye on your system; look out for fluid leaks – especially the antifreeze, which has a very pungent smell. If there is a leak contact Impact to arrange an inspection and diagnosis.

  • Ensure your solar thermal system is doing what you expect. If the weather is sunny and your hot water cylinder is cold – contact Impact.

  • If you can hear the pump is running and the solar pipework is cold, you may simply have an airlock which Impact can sort for you very quickly – just call Impact.

  • Once a month check your pressure – it should be between 1 and 2 bar – although it can drop as low as 0.5 bar in winter and as high as 4 bar in the summer. No need to panic but if it gets below 0.5 bar then call Impact to arrange an inspection and diagnosis

  • The antifreeze / inhibitor liquid in your system will perish as it is subject to extreme temperatures and will need replacing every few years.

  • The only moving part is the pump which is a relatively low cost item (usually less than £120) and relatively easy to change. The electronic controllers sometimes fail, albeit rarely, and these are also reasonably inexpensive and easy to change.