Thermodynamic Solar - Energy Production

Thermodynamics systems can be designed to provide enough hot water for a small house, or enough heating for the largest of swimming pools, or buildings; we ensure that your system will deliver all your hot water requirements.


The system uses electricity to power the compressor but the system has an average Co-efficient Performance (CoP) of 1 : 4.

So is it really Free Energy?

Coefficient Performance – CoP = The ratio of energy used to create even more energy

1 unit of electricity equals 7 units of heat energy

1 : 7 in the summer

1 : 3 in the winter

In summer, for every unit of electricity use1d the system will deliver 7 times the amount of energy, whilst in winter, for every unit of electricity used the system will deliver 3 times the amount of power; thus delivering a CoP of 1 : 4.

Typically, on any sized system can save up to 80%!

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