Costs & Savings


Typically, a domestic hot water system which will provide enough hot water for a 3 bedroomed 3-5 occupancy household costs circa £3,000. (subject to free survey).


You can expect the following savings…

Gas boiler with an electric shower you can save
£180 – £350 p/a

Oil boilers – you can save
£320 – £380 p/a

Electricity hetaing / boiler – you can save
£500 – £750 p/a

To calculate the above we used the below assumptions

3 – 4 occupant household

18kw boiler heating water for 1hr per day

Gas        4.7 p/kwr

Oil           6.2 p/kwr

Elec        12 p/kwr

390w Thermodynamic system compressor running 12hrs p/d


Currently there are only two manufacturers of Thermodynamic systems who have received the MCS accreditation for their products; however there are no manufacturers’ products listed on Ofgems Product Eligibility List (PEL), meaning that Thermodynamic systems are not currently eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme.

We presently only install Thermboil systems manufactured by Energy Panel who have received their MCS accreditation.