Home Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging

Benefits of investing in a home charging system

  • Significantly reduces charge time
  • Convenience
  • Reduces risk of fire and damage caused by charging with standard plug sockets
  • Monitors and controls the electricity usage to stop your property from tripping due to over-loading

Charging your car at home

Due to the increase in power through our EV chargers charging your car at home can take as little as 4-8 hours, compared to the up to 24 hour charge times of a standard plug socket.

Once the charger is installed it is literally a plug and charge process!

With electricity monitoring to prevent over loading causing your house to trip, many of our systems are also paired with an app for easy and efficient control.

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We aim to deliver our products and services at reasonable and affordable prices!

Once the electric vehicle chargers are installed, the only cost left is for your electricity used to charge your vehicle, which will be entirely dependent on your mileage and electricity prices.

Which? estimates that the average driver will use between £450 and £750 a year of extra electricity by charging an electric car – however, the average driver will spend between £1000 and £1200 per year on fuel, so this is quite the saving!


Additionally, if you have solar panels installed on your property, many of our chargers can be powered via solar energy thus charging your car for free!

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