Is it right for me?

Things to consider...

How much energy does your solar system generate?

When investing in a Battery Storage system you need to consider how much excess electricity your Solar PV array may generate.

If the excess is minimal then it may not be worth the Battery Storage investment.

Before any investment you should carefully monitor your Solar PV generation and how much you actually expert to the grid.

You should carefully look at the difference between summer and winter.

A 4kW Solar PV system will generate 25-33 kWhrs of electricity per day during the summer however, in the winter, the same system may only generate 3-8kWhrs per day!

How much you can put into the Battery Storage system in summer compared with winter will vary greatly.

Imperative to your decision should also be factoring the benefits you can get by using Grid cheap rate power in the winter.

Will my batteries work in a power cut?

Our Battery Storage systems all have the capability to provide power in a grid failure / power cut.

It is very important to note that if you reserve 25% of your battery for a power cut then you will only ever have 75% of daily useable power.

I.e. if you have a 10kW Battery and you set a reserve of 2.5kW in the event of a power cut then your battery will only ever charge and discharge 7.5kW each day for your daily use.

If you are in an aera which has frequent power cuts then you may want to consider a larger storage capacity to keep that extra power in reserve.

What is the payback period on your investment?

Choosing the right Battery Storage systems can have an excellent return on investments owing to the significant savings you can achieve on your energy bills.

The average payback period of investing in Battery Storage ranges between 5 and 8 years!

To calculate the number of years it will take for the financial benefits of the Battery Storage system to payback the investment costs, you can use the following calculation:

Total cost in £’s ÷ annual benefits in £’s = number of years to payback

Divide your average daily self consumption of energy in kilowatts by the cost of the battery

What size Battery Storage do you need?

The average household will consume 5,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per annum.

This works out at 13kW hours per day.

To facilitate circa 13kW hours per day you would want between 10 – 15kw Battery Storage system.

All Battery Storage systems are “modular” meaning you can add more batteries at a later stage.

The more kW hours you have, the more you can reduce your bills and take advantage charging on cheap rate and selling back to the grid at higher rate periods.