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Battery Storage

How much energy does your solar system generate?

When investing in a Solar Battery Storage system you need to consider how much excess electricity your solar system is actually generating. If it is only a small amount then it may not be worth the investment, however with an average solar array size of 12 panels, you are looking at a considerable amount of excess energy being sent to the grid.

What time of day do you use your electricity?

Solar panels mostly generate their energy through daylight hours, and this is the time when most people are not using their electricity either because they are at work during the day, or electricity going to places such as lights is simply not needed. If this applies to you, then a solar battery system would be incredibly beneficial, as all of this energy generated would have ordinarily been sent to the grid, but with a battery it will be stored to be used, free of charge, even after the sun has gone down!

What is the payback period on your investment?

Solar Battery Systems have very reasonable return on investments due to the large savings you can achieve on your energy bills. The average payback period of investing in Battery Storage ranges between 9 and 20 years!

To work out the number of years it will take for the financial benefits of the solar system to payback the investment costs, you can use the following calculation:

Total cost in £s ÷ annual benefits in £s = number of years to payback

What size do you need?

The average household of an average house size will use a 4 kilowatt system, consisting of 12 panels, and this produces around 2,500kWh of electricity per year.

Smarter Business estimates that the average household uses approximately 3,100kWh per year.

This works out at around 8-10 kWh per day.

For the ideal Solar Battery Storage system for the average household you would want a battery sized between 3 to 6 kWh, but if you are looking to go full-solar and entirely independent from the grid, you would need a 10 kWh battery or more.