Battery Storage

Solar batteries reserve your energy for when you truly need it; propelling you ever-closer to becoming entirely energy independent

Battery Storage


Solar Battery Storage is a fantastic technology to optimise what you are getting out of your solar system. Rather than exporting your excess electricity to the grid, you can now save money by using our cutting-edge battery storage systems.

Solar systems generate their power during daylight hours, and any power produced that is not used within your home will be exported to the grid, however, with our Battery Storage systems you can reduce your energy bills by storing any power that is not used during the panel’s performance hours, saving it for use at any time, completely free of charge!

If you don’t yet have a solar system and are looking to invest, please also check out our Solar PV pages here!

Benefits of having a battery storage system

  • Store any excess electricity
  • Reduce energy bills even further
  • Get more out of your solar panels
  • Reduce waste
  • Provides back-up power
  • Decreased dependence on the grid